Bring your Pink Power Hats!

I am a feminist. For some, that translates to Femi-Nazi.

And at 36, I’m arriving pretty late to the game. It isn’t that I did not see the many ways women are subjugated in society–along with other groups (African Americans, people in poverty, animals used for human purposes) I honestly just assumed that was just the natural way of things–all boiled down to biology and our very selfish genes. But, I have come to realize the power of culture, and the power of ideas to navigate biology–which is why I am crafting this blog.

The main focus of this blog will be on issues specific to sexism in our larger society and how the messages from society seep into our everyday lives affecting how we think, feel and ultimately act. However, being that I find myself passionately against the suffering of not only women but also that of other oppressed groups, time will be diverted intermittently from women’s issues in order to discuss the harsh realities of racism, specism, and classism in American society.

The discussions brought forth in this blog are meant to be inclusive, not divisive. Sexism, racism, specism and other -isms are not just one particular’s group problem. They are collective problems dependent on collective ideas, needing collective solutions.

Please share any thoughts, ideas or concerns you may have with any discussions posted.