Feminist have a Race Problem.

Sexism is a bigger problem than racism. So why does the left kept silencing women unless they pretend otherwise?

Yes, racism is real. Yes, racism happens.

But so does sexism and it’s about time the movement find’s it’s message. The equal opportunity of all women. Not just black women. Not just disabled women, but all women, even the rich, white ones.

Yeah, even rich, white women suffer from sexism, as every woman on this planet does.

That certainly doesn’t mean we should only focus on what happens to the pretty, famous women, as the #MeToo movement has inadvertently, accidentally done, but every woman. Every single woman. Even the pretty, famous, ones. Even the white ones. All WOMEN. Because what happens to one woman happens to all women.

Does intersectionality exist?

Yes. One of the sections of intersectionality being SEXISM.

The very first feminist organizations served as groups against slavery, helping to pass the Civil War Amendments (13th, 14th, and 15th amendment). The 15th amendment giving all men (including African American Men) the right to vote. Women would have to wait several more decades for their chance to vote.


Today, women are still waiting on the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) to pass. We’ve been waiting since 1923. This amendment would guarantee women equality under the federal government, like the protections African American men have. Unlike the one’s women of all colors, including white women have.

Feminist organizations have also been forerunners in combating classism, environmentalism, etc.

That’s great. We should carry one another, but not at the expense of our own mission: Equality for all women. Equality in sex, pay and play.

We don’t have it. Not even close. Let’s focus.

In in a dated interview with the Rolling Stone, Emile Clarke, a lead in the very sexist show, Game of Thrones, compared sexism to racism, only to find her comments deemed controversial.


Sexism, like racism is everywhere, as she stated. It is pervasive and normalized into society. It is literally sewn into very fabric of our everyday lives.

But for some reason, we are not allowed to say that. We are to remain silent.


And this is where the leftist (I am left) identity politics is strangling feminism to death. In our PC world, unless you are black, disabled, trans, female, living in abject poverty, you better keep your mouth shut!

I am poor. I am a female. I am disabled. I am white. I am straight, therefore I do not qualify to speak.

Is it men silencing us? Or our own leftist ideology?

I say both.

There is something else women are  REALLY not allowed to say.

I’ll say it again.

Sexism is worse than racism.

Worse because whereas racism is rarely tolerated, sexism is—if it is even noticed.

In 2017, a comment in which Jason Momoa spoke about his role on “Game of thrones” was unearthed. In an audience-type interview, he stated that he loved working in the genre of fantasy because you could, “rip someone’s tongue out of their throat and get away with it, and rape beautiful women.”

The audience laughed. He didn’t lose his job. He wasn’t fired. He wasn’t required to sit down for lengthy interviews apologizing for making rape jokes.

Compare that to the case of Rosanne Barr or Bill Maher who were both deemed to have made racist jokes. One lost their job, Maher barely kept his job and only held it after having to do a special show pleading for forgiveness. It should be noted that sexist jokes are rampant on the Bill Maher show, never to be brought up, or apologized for.

Or what about the latest film, “The Hate that U Give.”

Yes, it’s a great film, highlighting police brutality and the effects of racism on entire communities. I loved the film in many ways—but it’s sexist.

In the film, traditional gender roles are assigned, including who asks for sex and who doesn’t. Girls who do are “hoes,” at least according to the female characters in the film, with one going so far as to state, “hoedome is universal.”

Unless you are a man, of course.

Tyler Perry movies don’t rate much better. Tyler Perry’s, “Boo Two,” spent a shocking amount of time hypersexualizing its young teen female characters. And of course, it was meant to be very funny.

I’m not laughing.

Let’s not even get into the sexism in rap music lyrics. And pretty much every music video made, whether by men or women, black or white.

I’m pointing to the big ass elephant in the room. Let’s talk about it.

Don’t let the left’s identity politics strangle you.

Or men. Even if they are Black or trans, or disabled, or whatever.

We all have a right to speak.

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