The Rise of Sexpandex: The Yoga Pant Revolution

When did it become normal for young girls, teens, and women to walk around in skin-tight pants—pants sometimes worn without underwear to the yoga matt, the weight room, school, work, church, etc.? Based on how these pants are worn (you can wear them modestly or not), they can be more revealing than lingerie. And if they continue to evolve in their current direction, only your birthday suit will rival their ability to titillate. Yoga pants have become thinner, tighter, and just recently see through. Yes, it wasn’t enough that they were skin tight, now they are designed with see-through mesh slits (apparently, so your butt can breathe). Many come with built-in tummy control and butt lifts. Perhaps we should just hit the gym, chemistry class, and our local Walmart in high waist pantyhose. They are cheaper than yoga pants and honestly, not that much different.


Even the way these pants are advertised is often sexual with ads featuring women posed in hyper-sexualized positions, usually bent over, and/or from the back with the focus of the image on the woman’s butt.

yogaad (yoga pants with a built-in butt)


There are numerous articles helping women determine which pair of yoga pants will enhance their butt the most. There are even YouTube videos solely dedicated to helping women make their butts bigger in yoga pants. One Youtube channel, BiteSizedFitness, suggest that women skip underwear and hike the pants higher so as to create a wedgie–which helps create the illusion of a larger butt. We also have entire work-outs devoted to helping us look better in yoga pants. Ironic, huh? Yoga pants were initially designed for physical activity, and now physical activity is being designed for the pants. Is this happening to men? Are men being advertised gym shorts with slogans such as, “These will make your dick look bigger!” Why not? Are they encouraged to engage in workouts that will make them look sexier in their basketball shorts? No, and they sure the hell aren’t encouraged to go to the gym with a wedgie!


The point is, these pants are sexualizing and sexualized, whether we wanted them to be or not. There is a reason why there is a WHOLE genre of porn devoted to women in yoga pants. It’s also why there are entire Instagram and Twitter accounts devoted to women (well young women) in tight, sometimes see-through yoga pants. These realities make the mocking of the writer, Honor Jones, nothing short of disturbing after she wrote an opinion piece for The New York Times, titled, “Why Yoga Pants are Bad for Women.” In the piece, she writes:

“We aren’t wearing these workout clothes because they’re cooler or more comfortable. (You think the selling point of Lululemon’s Reveal Tight Precision pants is really the way their moth-eaten design provides a “much-needed dose of airflow”?) We’re wearing them because they’re sexy.”

whatyoga (The Original Yoga Pant)

Even though I don’t fully agree that all women (of course, some do) wear these pants for sex appeal (or that wanting to be attractive is a bad thing), the author brought up some important questions about the evolution of what women are wearing today (she asked what happened to jogging pants?) versus what they wore in the past. She also asked what was the driving this evolution. Why this woman, with valid and thought-provoking questions, was so vilified by other women is something every woman should find disturbing.

menssexygym(If men were advertised Yoga pants)


Yoga pants are not without redeeming qualities!  They are comfortable. Hey, anything is better than jeans made for the waist of Barbie that require you not eat anything all day or else suffer the pain of a steel button poking your fat roll, right? And yes, they are versatile. You can wear them at the gym, head home, and convert them into leggings under a cute dress or skirt for the nightlight. And yes, they do make us look better. They slim, perk up, and tighten our bodies, and there is nothing wrong with that. BUT, yes there’s a but (pun intended), those advantages do not negate the disadvantages: one of the major disadvantages being that, as of now, in a society that has reduced women’s bodies to displays for men (men do while women appear), they do exactly that: Put women’s bodies on display, while men’s bodies remain covered. Ignoring that reality, even to the point of crucifying a woman who points this out, is a slap to feminism. Period.

(Twitter Pages Dedicated to Girls (mostly young) in Yoga Pants)

YogaPantsRULE@YogaPantsRULE ‏; The number one Twitter for yoga pants photos. Only the hottest pics. 18+. See who I’m FOLLOWING for more pics of girls!

YOGA PANTS HUB!@YogaPantsHub ‏; Your HUB for Girls in Yoga Pants. Enjoy!

(Just for clarity, I could not find one twitter group devoted to young men in gym shorts.)

And let’s ask the question: If women’s bodies are meant to be on constant display, why aren’t male bodies? Where is the male yoga pants revolution?

We have created a toxic power dynamic where women put their bodies on display for men, and in competition with other women. Women in our sexist society have been reduced to sex objects. No matter where we women go, we can plan to be bombarded with other’s women’s asses and vagina’s in our face on screen, and off, while men drool like idiots. Add to that, a culture where women are meant to be in competition (whose the more fuckable object?) and you are left with women comparing their camel toe to the girl’s camel toe next to her, and so on, while men sit back and enjoy the rear view.

Do not be mistaken, either. The rise in butt implants and the focus on women’s asses intersects with the rise in yoga pants. It used to be woman’s breast that were hyper-focused on, now it’s the ass. What will it be next? The gap between our legs? (hmmm…) The hyper-focus on women’s breast as sexual parts for men has become so entrenched in our psyche that a woman breastfeeding a baby in public elicits disgust (leaving men to ask: How dare she use her breast for anything other than my pleasure?). Compare that same male attitude towards female breast to the attitude of Alan Sorrentino, who wrote an editorial piece to his local paper stating that women over twenty should not be wearing yoga pants. In other words, “How dare a woman wear yoga pants unless she’s hot?”

The sad thing is, we have women in their 40’s with breast implants (implanted in their 20’s), now wanting to switch that silicon to their butts. Bottom line: This isn’t a trend any feminist should embrace. We are more than the sum of our sex parts. The constant, focus, albeit ever-evolving focus on female body parts exaggerated for male consumption is not healthy for women. If we are going to put our bodies on a platform for men to judge our fuckability, men need to be doing the same. Period. And they aren’t. They have been afforded more value in society than that. Their worth is simply based on who they are & what they do, not how well their ass looks in saran wrapped pants. Let’s be doers, too!

Screenshot images from Reddit (pages devoted to young girls in yoga pants)


Comments under this Image:

“These girls look so young. I see she’s 17. As a 34-year-old, it sucks a little that girls this age typically have the best bodies, naturally. I’ve come to accept that unless they’re really into fitness, girls around my age will be at least a little chubby and lack tone. Sucks getting old.”

“I used to go to the mall to people watch and I’d see these ridiculous bodies. Almost always a college-aged girl. Just makes me miss those times..”

“36 here. I hear you. Totally in the same boat. Doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the view at the  grocery store or the gym or wherever.”


Comments under this Image:

“Treat her with respect and smack that ass.”

“Ask her why there are still dirty dishes in the sink. And why don’t I have any clean socks?”

“Pancake ass bitch.”

Titles on Porn Hub when you search Yoga Pants in order as appeared:

Conducted on May 13, 2018 9:03PM:

Stepbrother Grinding and Cumming on Stepsister’s Yoga Pants

Thick Bitch Gets Fucked Through Her Yoga Pants

Cum On My Yoga Pants: Fit College Teen Fucked and Throated Hard Mia

Hot Teen Only in Yoga Pants

My Girlfriend Got Creampie in Her Ripped Yoga Pants.

Comments written by males user under a YouTube Video debating whether women should wear Yoga Pants:

“They help my Erectile Dysfunction.”

“I love it when they wear them without panties. I wanna see that ass not a bitches panty line.”

Let’s end the damn debate. Let’s all go back home and put on some real pants! I mean, unless we are actually doing yoga. Maybe, as Honor suggested, we can even bring back the pantsuit. Perhaps, we can pass our yoga pants to the men in our lives and let them fight over dick sizes while we enjoy the view!


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